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 4-5 times..?????WTF you talking about?

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PostSubject: 4-5 times..?????WTF you talking about?   Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:42 pm

you pm me ONCE--then I replied..Then you Replied to my reply, so overall that is TWO pm's from you---far from some damm 4-5 dawg, so don't throw my ass under some bullshit train because others beef at your gamestyle dawg. I am kool with however you fucking want to play and whatever--no matter what, irregardless if you play by this or that style or rule--i will not say NOTHING---you know why, it is because I really do not give a rat's ass about the BULLSHIT.I simply play for FUN, if not fun because peeps always crying or fighting, then what is the fucking point of playing to begin with. I can fight with my girlfriend or the drunk across the street, no real need to get on some damm game to "FIGHT over BULLSHIT"---so POINTLESS!!!!
Anyhoot dawg, since YESTERDAY, you and I have had so far EXACTLY 3 links of communication, your ORIGINAL message to me, MY original REPLY, your REPLY to my reply, and just moments ago me giving you my number since you stated I did not detail it to you previously ( although it IS listed under my team info and also as a CONTACT INFO tag). nonetheless dawg, I will play you that will not be an issue. If we do not get the game played, the world will NOT END, that i promise you-----and should we not get together dawg, you win simple as that. First off, I know I am NOT [playoff material, only reason i do league is because I rarely play Madden anymore--maybe 1 or 2 a week if LUCKY---when i do play I want to play a glitch free , crybaby free, cheat free game--simply put, I do not wanna hear opponent's mouth as they are sucking my nuts, OR I dont want to hear'em tell me 'bout my MOMMY if they are beating me...Shutup and freaking play is what i am about--all this sissy ass crying is for fags....In short, dawg we WILL play today, and you will likely win....No big freaking accomplishment----Ill even tell you this--if we do not play today---YOU GET the WIN....KOOL? no matter who is at fault, ill take the loss, it is SETTLED!! Look for me to jump online sometime today--dont know when, i am a father of SIX and active is a word I use daily--Im always doing something but when time allows today I will jump on , ok...If I cant--you win, done deal. Relax, enjoy league play and if other's cry--let'em, no biggy!
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4-5 times..?????WTF you talking about?
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