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 Bills at Miami, week 4 game.....

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PostSubject: Bills at Miami, week 4 game.....   Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:39 pm

Maybe we can play this tonight sometime--text me at 251-463-5001 if ready--ill jump on if can under the alais of

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Number of posts : 24
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Registration date : 2010-01-17

PostSubject: Re: Bills at Miami, week 4 game.....   Fri Jan 22, 2010 2:27 am

Bills beat Miami 66-31, leading by 17-0 at end of 1st and 38-15 at half and 52-31 by end of 3rd....Game was never close, miami started with 3 turnovers inside first 2 1/2 minutes of game--setting up the perfect storm for the Bills bowout win.
by game's end, score displayed a 35 point BLASTING of Miami by the Bills, yet the game stats told an erroneous story of a close game: Bills outgained Miami in yards 550-475 and out did miami in first downs 13-12, and if you include special team yardage, Bills only outdid Miami by 35 yards ( 674-639 in TOTAL YARDS). The Tale-Tell story really was TURNOVERS and DROP BALLS and of course pass deflections by an overactive Bills defensive backfield. miami tallied 5 turnovers altogether---each leading to a Bills score......Buffalo did not lose ball via turnover at all in game, so the +5 went to Bills there! Miami had a total of 4 drops officially ( 3 by Moss and 1 by wr3 Bowe) and Bills had also 3 drops, so drops were a wash basically...However, Bills defenders racked up TEN (10) pass deflections and 3 picks all while Miami had absolutely ZERO ( yep, NONE!!) pass deflections and NO Picks, not even a sack ...Miami did manage 4 tackles for losses, bettering the 1 that the Bills had...Miami also bested Bills in 3rd down conversions, making 5 of 8 attempts and also was 1 for 1 on 4th downs while Bills were impressive 4 of 8 on 3rd and 1 for 1 on 4th due to a fake punt late in game with score 59-31 at the time .Miami was able to get 3 of 3 on 2 point conversion tries---having to go for 2 pointers often and early due to distance of scores between Miami and Bills throughout the game.Miami was 3 of 5 inside the Redzone, while Bills were a Perfect 3 of 3. Miami only held ball 7:53 of game, remaining 12:07 belonged to Bills. SCORE was ALREADY 24-00 by the time Miami finally got on the boards in 2nd quarter. from that point on, Bills outscored Miami 42-31. Good Game BlueHens, see you later in season!

Miami Stats:
QB garcia 2/3 for 1 td and 9 yards and qb roethlisberger was 15/34 3 ints and 3 tds and 406 yards passing

hb mjd ran 6 times for 64 yards, also he FUMBLED and LOST possesion after a 53 yard run in 1st half...mjd also had 1 catch for 53 yards

wr s moss had 5 catches for 104 yards and 2 tds but had 3 drops
wr c johnson jr had 4 catches for 73 yards and 1 td
wr bowe had 1 catch 12 yards and 1 drop

te celek had 4 catches for 140 yards and 1 td
te smith had 1 catch for 4 yards

cb mcgee had 5 tackles and allowed 2 catches
cb t thomas had 4 tackles allowed 1 catch
mlb harris 4 tackles , 1 for loss, allowed 1 catch
cb revis 4 tackles but allowed no catches
cb porter 3 tackles , 1 for loss and allowed 2 catches
fs bethea 3 tackles, had 2 big hits and no allowed catches

miami 00 15 16 00 ----- 31
bills 17 21 14 14 ----- 66
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Bills at Miami, week 4 game.....
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